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Green Burial

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Nature Grove Green Burial was certified by the Green Burial Society of Canada in November 2018 in the category of Small Cemetery.  We are now offering Double Depth Green Burial.

Yates is proud to offer Green Burial as a new option in our Nature Grove Garden.  Green Burial is the most environmental and natural end of life option.  Green Burial allows your loved one to return to the earth and renew the local ecosystem.  

As of August, 2019 we are now offering Double Depth Green Burial. In Traditional Burial, many families choose double depth burial so that their final resting place is with the one they love. Now, we are offering this same service with Green Burial. Double Depth plots can be purchased at need or pre purchased as part of prearranged funeral services. With double depth green burial, the first interment will occur at a depth of approximately 2 meters. When the second interment takes place, it will occur at a depth of 1-1.5 meters. 

Why Choose Green Burial?

  • Simple
  • Natural
  • Cyclical
  • Spiritual

For green burial, the body is prepared in a simple manner without embalming.  The body can then be clothed and wrapped in a biodegradable shroud or placed in a natural burial casket which will be placed directly in the ground.  Overtime the area will be planted with natural vegetation to return to its natural ecological state.  Pathways will be established to allow for visitors to reflect and remember those buried in Nature Grove.

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Nature Grove Green Burial Garden

The cemetery at Yates Memorial Services was established in 1995 as a traditional cemetery and funeral home.  The land was cleared and plots established to facilitate the burial of traditional caskets and monuments.  As time moves forward, we now look to take a step back to the root of funeral tradition.

The Green Burial section of Nature Grove reflects this step back.  Surrounded by a locally sourced cedar fence, the burial plots in Nature Grove are intended to blend back into the natural environment.  Under the shadow of Little Mountain, Nature Grove will allow for a simple, natural choice for burial.  Wrapped in a shroud or biodegradable casket, the deceased will return to the earth and renew the ecosystem.  

Each individual will be buried in their own, individually plotted gravesite.  A permanent record of the location and details of the burial will be kept in perpetuity.  

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Different than “Traditional Burial”, memorialization will not occur on each plot.  Memorial Boulders will be placed throughout the garden and names will be placed as interments occur.  Graves can be purchased ahead of time, but will only be assigned once a death occurs.  This allows for sequential use, and avoids the disruption of the renewed ecosystem.

The facilities at Yates Memorial Services allow for a full range of indoor and outdoor ceremonies to honour those being buried in Nature Grove.  It is your choice how involved you would like to be in the burial process.  Families may choose to bathe, shroud or casket, act as a pallbearer, and assist in filling the grave.  Our staff are here to listen to your wishes and create a process that reflects your values.

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Ecosystem Renewal

When a burial occurs, the ground will be disturbed and it takes time to settle.  For the first year after burial, our staff will focus on caring for the surrounding area and establishing the base for ecosystem renewal.  This will look different than traditional burial- the area will not appear as manicured as other areas in the cemetery.  Once settling has occurred, planting will occur to reflect the natural vegetation of the ecosystem.  As the garden fills, a new character will emerge for this corner of the cemetery.  How Nature Grove looks over time will depend on the ecosystems renewal.

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Families are encouraged to attend green burial ceremonies and are welcome to return to visit.  Visitors are asked to stay on established pathways and off recently opened graves.  As the garden evolves, a pathway will be developed to allow visitors to reflect and remember their loved one.  Because our goal is to renew the ecosystem, placing memorials and visiting specific burial sites will not be permitted.

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When considering Green Burial, there are a few costs to keep in mind.  Like cremation or traditional earth burial, there are professional services required to prepare a body for disposition and registration of death with Vital Statistics.  Memorialization options are also similar, with a full range of services and celebrations available.  

Before burial, the body must be prepared and either placed in a shroud or biodegradable casket.  There are a number of options available for Green Burial. 

Memorialization options are also similar to those for cremation or traditional burial, with a full range of services and celebrations available.

For the burial itself, there are 3 categories of cost: The plot, Opening and Closing of the grave, and Perpetual Care.

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At Yates Memorial Services, we are striving to provide Green Burial at a cost that reflects the simplicity of the process.  Like all of our service options, the choice is yours on how you will cherish and celebrate your loved one.  A detail of the pricing can be seen on our website under “Pricing” and should be discussed with your funeral director to find out what options suit your needs.

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